JOIN THE shred the love CHALLENGE!

2/14 - 2/28

challenge guidelines

Team-up with your fave sweatmate and take 12 SLT classes combined from 2/14 - 2/28!

For the best reSuLTs, we recommend splitting the classes evenly (6 classes each). To qualify for the challenge prize, each sweatmate must take at least 4 classes. 

Both team members must be in the same region, you cannot combine regions
(i.e.Brooklyn and Manhattan are considered different regions). 

If you want to do the challenge solo, that’s cool...but it's gonna be hard AF!
You’ll just be required to take all 12 classes yourself.

There’s no additional cost to join the challenge, just the cost of the classes you take.

Register your team below and get ready to SHRED the love!

Sign-ups close TUESDAY 2/13 @ 8PM.

the prizeS

One complimentary month of SLT VIP pre-booking. This means you can book your classes 24 hours before everyone else!

One complimentary private group class hosted by you and your sweatmate at your local studio.
Your session must be held at a time when there is no scheduled class. They can range in size from 2-14 clients(depending on your group size and studio capacity).

Sign up!

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