Bethany Meyers

From Chicago to LA to Dallas and now New York, Bethany brings you fitness spice from all corners of the country. Her pilates and dance background will ensure perfect form, but her love for cardio and intensity will leave you sweaty and shaking. Expect her classes to be filled with energy and encouragement, as she charms you with her positive outlook  while reshaping your body.


Allie Schwartz

Allie knew fitness was her passion from a young age but found her true love when she discovered the Megaformer.  Upbeat, energetic and fun, this Cali girls always brings the sunshine with her! Even at 6AM, Allie is enthusiastic, motivating and kick-ass!

caitlin krause

Raised in Northern Virginia, Caitlin developed her passion for dance and competitive sports at the young age of 3. In addition to her successful dance career, Caitlin is an avid marathon runner. This well versed athlete knows the importance of motivation and her energy, enthusiasm and competitive spirit will have you working your hardest. 

Liz Barnet

Liz's career in fitness began with teaching Pilates and yoga, but it wasn't long before she added resistance and cardiovascular training to the mix. When she stumbled upon SLT she knew she found her perfect fit. Liz's classes combine the focus on core strength and precision of Pilates with the body sculpting intensity of total body interval training. She's dedicated to giving you a great workout…you’ll leave class exhausted but feeling accomplished.

rebecca hajek

Rebecca is a former opera singer turned yoga teacher. Having previously taught at SLT Yoga, she made the transition to Megaformer and has fallen in love with the workout. Expect strong classes with good beats and an emphasis on form.

Jill Demarco

Outside of sports, Jill struggled to find a workout she was passionate about until discovering the Megaformer. Instantly hooked, she became an avid student and, after seeing the benefits first-hand, decided to share her love of the fitness program with others. Jill takes great care in crafting unique, high-intensity routines filled with variety and options that allow her clients to tailor each move to their ability so they can reach their full potential.


Flexible beyond belief, Amanda Rey is a bend-but-don’t-break instructor. Raised in Miami and schooled in Boston, this big city girl brings 20 years of dance training, extreme kinesthetic awareness and a focus on form to SLT. With a master’s degree in behavior analysis, Amanda knows that positive reinforcement impacts performance. She aims to help you achieve greatness during each class (with occasional inspiration from the sweet tunes of Enrique Iglesias).


After being in the corporate world for 10 years, Dana, at the age of 31, decided to sacrifice everything in her life to build a career in fitness.  12 years since, she has been a personal trainer to a distinguished list of private clients and a group exercise instructor at some of the top fitness clubs in New York City/NJ specializing in Pilates, barre, Spinning, strength/conditioning, flexibility and pre/post-natal fitness. She also choreographs and teaches dance classes that combine a mix of hip-hop, house and jazz technique. She completely loves her work, and enjoys being able to inspire and motivate people to better themselves physically and emotionally.


Emily got her southern sass growing up outside of Austin, Texas, where she was a competitive figure skater for 12 years.  She lutz-ed and spun her way through college at Cornell University, competing at the collegiate singles and synchronized skating national championships.  Once the bright lights of NYC drew her in, she needed a new workout to help her rehab following knee surgery.  Enter the Megaformer- and it was love at first plank-to-pike.  Seeing the very real results from her own training inspired Emily to teach and encourage others to find their best selves.  Her classes have a fun, motivational atmosphere while getting in a challenging and effective workout- no triple salchows required.


Marie's love of fitness began at an early age when she began participating in a variety of competitive sports and dance. She is always looking for new ways to challenge her strength and flexibility. After working in the financial services industry for a number of years, Marie realized the importance and need for a more balanced lifestyle which health & fitness had always brought to her life. That's when she decided to make a career change to pursue her passion whole-heartedly. Since then she has been teaching Pilates and also become a certified Health Coach. Marie seeks a good mix of intensity, attention to detail, and of course fun when teaching and doing her own workouts, so becoming a part of the SLT team was a dream come true. She loves motivating and empowering others to keep raising the bar and to constantly strive for their full potential.


A fitness fanatic and avid runner (6 marathons so far, but who's counting?) with a Type A personality, Allyson is always up for trying new activities and workouts. Introduced to SLT by a colleague, Allyson ran to her first class from her East Village apartment to the original Midtown studio- literally, ran the 3 miles. Upon meeting Jay C and informing him this was her first time and that she had ran there, Jay C smirked and replied, "Clearly, you've never done this before." Soreness ensued for the next 3 days and instantly she was hooked. A devoted client, you will regularly see Allyson take class on the center machines. Now a Hardcore Instructor, Allyson will always give you a challenging workout and push you to the next level! 


Karen holds a BFA from Towson University in Dance Performance and Education.  She traveled much of the world working as a dancer and aerialist on cruise ships, in magic shows, and for Tokyo Disney Sea before returning to NYC to pursue a career in fitness.  Currently RYT500, Karen is a yoga instructor at YogaWorks, Citi, and for The Wright Fit. She is AFAA group fitness certified with additional certifications in Bar (BarWorks), restoratives, and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (Sadie Nardini).   Her latest and most fabulous certification comes from SLTand she is super excited to be onboard the team!


Lauren discovered SLT when it first emerged as the powerhouse workout in NYC, taking daily classes while she attended Fordham Law and wrote for a fitness publication. Years later, she spends her days as a lawyer and nights as an instructor of the method that empowered her throughout law school. Expect to find Lauren (and her exceptionally well-trained Chihuahua) teaching class on weekends and evenings. Her classes help clients sweat out the stress from their lives with loud, often "NSFW" jams, and routines that make clients dig deep into their inner fight.  


Sunina Young is a Mind Body Beauty Blogger (, Yoga + SLT Megaformer Instructor, and Model in New York City. Sunina’s professional background was in luxury beauty and fashion before she switched over to fitness. A pivotal moment was when she realized that even with her busy schedule, lash extensions, 6” inch Guiseppes, and ‘picture perfect life’ there was still a great sense of unfulfillment. Through her transitional journey in yoga, meditation, and movement training she was moved by how much of a deep connection she felt from within. She instantly fell in love with the challenge (and new 23.5" waist) SLT presented to her. Sunina aims for her classes to be a cleansing experience for the mind, and uplifting experience for the body- the way she feels after an SLT class. Sunina believes in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, & self-care for the mind, body, beauty. 


A California girl, Melody has been active in one form or another since she was a small child. In order to maintain peak condition as a dancer and athlete, Melody  built upon her knowledge of human anatomy and movement to prevent injury and remain healthily fit.  An ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor (CPR/AED), she has trained at various New York fitness facilities in methods ranging from dance cardio and urban rebounding to strength/body sculpt and (of course) the Megaformer.  She is also pre/post natal certified, and has used that education to stay fit through a pregnancy of her own!Melody wants every SLT client to feel their best and discover the joy of healthy movement that has been her life’s passion.


After a successful career in international marketing and finance, Rachele realized she wasn't meant to sit in an office and quickly shifted gears.  Fitness was always a pillar in her life and over the years she obtained multiple certifications in traditional Pilates, dance, personal training and nutrition. Her instructional style is a direct reflection of her character -- tough and energetic, with an honest approach and a true passion for the megaformer.  A previous client her self, Rachele truly believes SLT offers the best workout in New York and it continues to play an important role in her overall personal wellness strategy.

Bakari Williams

Bakari is a former Division 1 Soccer Player, a Jazz Funk/ Hip Hop Dancer, NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, and an overall health enthusiast. With his artistic spirit and good ole southern charm, you won’t even realize he’s kicking your butt . I am absolutely obsessed with SLT! In all of my years working with strength coaches and training as a D1 athlete I have never been as strong or had as much body control (especially for all you dancers) as I do now! SLT is THE best way to use the megaformer, and you will see results! I am talking toned arms, tight abs and buns of steel! YES! I said steel! 

Yoo-Sun Park

Yoo-Sun is a movement professional, former financier and a violinist who trained at Juilliard. She is known to help her clients tap into a higher level of fitness and self; mentally, physically and emotionally. And, did we mention she's an active musician? Yes, her playlists are sick and you can take a sample listen here: Get ready to reach your ultimate potential with the best curated beats by YSPfit.

Ian Richardson

Originally a musical theatre actor, Ian’s extensive dance background has given him a strong foundation that translates well in the fitness industry. As a certified personal trainer, he knows and understands the importance of fitness goals, and achieving a healthy lifestyle. You’re sure to sweat it out, push your limits, have fun, and achieve those reSuLTs with Ian.

Lanae Rhodes

Lanae has been dancing since age 3, and continues to perform in music theatre whenever she can. Little known fact...she even toured internationally with her favorite show 42nd Street. Lanae will whip you into tank top and shorts shape in no time.

Francesca Valarezo

Fancesca aka the Spiritual Power Yogi teaches classes with a combination of grace and power, yin and yang. Her goal is to inspire you on and off the Megaformer by pushing you to your limits and encouraging you to take risks. Francesca's athletic flow couples with killer tunes makes for an unforgettable SLT experience.

Patrick McGrath

Originally a Patrick is a fitness junkie who tried every type of workout in NYC, but gave it all up after his first time on the Megaformer - he was instantly addicted. Patrick puts a personal touch on every class he teaches with his positive encouragement, upbeat energy, infectious laughter and no to mention, a unique hardcore total-body workout.

Jessica Lynn

Jessica traded in her career in fashion and retail to follow her passion for health and fitness. This New Englander is trained in Hath Yoga, Aerial Arts, and Barre. After relocating to New York, she completed nutrition school and became a health coach. On the quest for the best all-in-one workout, all it took was one Megaformer class to get her hooked! Jessica strives to combine the element of movement and her knowledge of the body to each one of her SLT classes, providing her clients with a well-rounded exercise experience. 

brittany ignas

Brittany Ignas graduated from Indiana University with her B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Dance & Fitness. While in school she also obtained her Stott Pilates Mat certification and 200 yoga certification. Upon graduation she moved to the city and dove right into the fitness industry, where she received her SLT certification. She loves the megaformer, and the great leg and oblique burn it provides! It also is a perfect mix of all the things she loves: cardio, strength training and pilates! 


Teresa is a native New Yorker who graduated from Manhattan College with a degree in Marketing, and as always had a love of all things fitness and exercise. A former competive gymnast, avid runner and barre instructor, she was looking for something new to really challenge her body and mind and found it on the Megaformer! From her very first class at SLT she knew this was a class she wanted to teach! Teresa is super excited to bring her love of SLT to NYC and Long Island!


Beginning her dance training at the age of 2, Leslie has an eye for form.  She studied classical ballet for many years and competitively danced in other dance forms thereafter.  She was also a competitive cheerleader and a varsity cheerleader at her alma mater, Cornell University, so she brings an upbeat and positive energy to her classes at SLT.  As a lawyer and former dean at a New York City law school, Leslie is not afraid to lay down the law on the Megaformer to challenge you to meet your full potential and change your body.  Leslie always strives to learn more about the Megaformer, taking classes all across the country, and she frequently guest teaches as a Master Instructor at Megaformer studio JetSet Miami. 

mark osmundsen

A native of WI, Mark has been focused on movement his whole life. He holds a BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, has performed on 4 continents, and currently dances with Company XIV. Form, focus, and breath are the major components to Mark's class. Expect a challenging yet warm environment, with constant reminders to release unnecessary tension and feel the expansion and length throughout the entire body. 



Training thousands of people from athletes to new moms to Kardashian butts, this LA native has been delivering an intense and fun Megaformer workout since 2009. Audrey's classes are known not only for her sweaty and challenging flow, but also for her great playlists and positive energy. Come and get it, NYC!


Don't let this pocket rocket's smile fool you. Once class starts, it's game on. Amanda effortlessly blends tough love with pep and enthusiasm to give you that extra little burst of energy just when you need it most. Her years of dance training makes her a stickler for form and alignment and is the reason she always delivers a seamless flowing routine.