• Take 15 classes from Monday 10/24 - Tuesday 11/22 in your home region (NYC is considered one region as is Westchester).
  • Those who complete the 30-Day SLay Challenge will win 1 month of SLT VIP pre-booking and a limited edition SLTote bag. 
  • All participants must sign up by Sunday 10/23.
  • All information must be entered in the form below in order to be registered.
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Can I take classes in different regions? 

No, you must take all 15 classes in the region you signed up in. 

Do I have to take a certain amount of classes per week?

This time around, you can take as many or as few a week as you'd like by Tuesday 11/22.

Is there a point system?

Not this time!

Is there a special 30 day Slay Challenge Package?

Nope. You purchase your classes as your normally would on our website.